Want to be a Board Member?

The 2018 Nomination Committee is being formed under the leadership of Linda Woods Jones.  She and her members will be asking members if they would like to run to become a Rotary Board member starting next year.  On December 10th (our last meeting for the year), four members will be elected or reelected to serve 3 year terms starting on July 1 2019.  In the final year of service, one of those members will be considered to serve as our president in their final year of service. 
Please consider serving if asked.  Our president-elect will be announced soon.  They will serve with President Samantha Comer when she takes over from Reece Brown for her one year term July 1 2019 - June 30 2020.   
Remember our 100th anniversary happens in 2020.  Our new leadership will need to lead us in that celebration.