On Monday, we heard from our incoming student from Germany - Max Boensch.  It was so good to hear about his positive impressions about the USA and Portsmouth and the things he enjoys most including sports, playing the piano and steak :-)   John Walker and Max will be appearing on the Community Corner radio program on February the 12th if you would like to hear more.  
If you would like to keep up with our outgoing student - Caden Wilcox - who is having a great experience in Germany (according to his parents who were at the meeting and also are acting as host parents for Max) you can follow the link below to learn more.  https://rye6690.com/caden-wilcox/   Thanks to Lydia Smith Sims, John Walker and Reece for managing our student exchange program.  If you are interested in helping with this very worthwhile program, please talk to Reece.