If you missed last week's meeting, you missed a great presentation by our outgoing exchange student Caden Wilcox who is just back from almost one year abroad in Germany.  He spoke not only of his time in Germany but also side trips to Rome and the Alps.  Resplendent in his pin strewn jacket, he told of tough times taking class in German after only having started to learn German 3 months before his departure.  Caden spoke of hunting with hundreds of other by walking arm in arm across the fields and shouting "Deer" or "Boar" to the left or right.  He went to carnivals in costume and skied displaying the American flag in a picture.  What a great ambassador for us to Germany and what a life changing experience for this young man who is only now 17 and just entering his senior year in high school.  Thanks Caden for sharing your experiences.  Hope you'll be a Rotarian some day.