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Jan 28, 2019 12:00 PM
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Cindy Lindamood, Adult Program Coordinator CAO Wo
Feb 04, 2019
"Workforce Solutions for Employers"
Joseph Pratt, Director
Feb 11, 2019
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This winter has been relatively warm, but the holiday spirits were still in full-swing at our Christmas Party.  We had a good evening at Port City, and everyone really enjoyed my rendition of “Mele Kalikimaka” in the voice of Bob Dylan.  I even brought my newborn, Henry Earl Brown, to the stage for a little talk too.  At the beginning of the meeting I acknowledged the recent health difficulties of a couple of our older members, and did my best to “keep it together” in front of the crowd.  Throughout the holiday break from Rotary I thought a lot about how many Rotarians are committed to our organization until they leave the world. This concept is pretty amazing, and demonstrates a true level of “service above self” until the end.  The truth is that every Rotarian’s service to our club is part of a 99-year continuation of our original founders.  The second generation of our founding members saw how the works of their elders lingered inspiration for the club long after their physical service was complete.  Therein lies the concept of seeing our club as forest, and learning to see that forest “through the trees.”  A forest is composed of multiple age cohorts, just as our club is.  The older trees may seem to grow slower, but their steady growth provides the mast of seeds for the next generation.  The young trees strive to reach the canopy, and grow ever-fast to do so.  Although it seems like one large competition is taking place, it actually takes this level of teamwork to build a healthy forest.  Typically, the oldest trees in a region are not necessarily the largest trees, but the ones that grew in the toughest conditions. The oldest ones are Junipers and Pitch Pines growing on rock ledges near cliffs at higher elevations, or bald cypress groves growing out of perennial swamps.  As we think about these old trees and how they relate to our club, it’s easy to remember that the generation born in the 1920’s saw a much harsher world than the recent generations.  They fought through the toughest economic depression of the century, and right through the largest war too.  However, despite these struggles, they also got a glimpse of our city at a time when it was booming, only to watch it slip into a multi-decadal slump.  When you sit back and think about these last 90 years of our history it’s worth noting the great people we still have with us today serving our mission to accomplish good for the world. As Bob Dylan sang “They say everything can be replaced, they say every distance is not near.  So I remember every face, of every man that put me here.” These next few years of Rotary service will likely be some of our greatest struggles, as we lose some of our greatest people, but we will also find a deeper sense of purpose to carry-on.  Let’s make our run into the 100th year a good one, and really work together to create a thriving club.   Reece
Rotary roses will be delivered on March 13th.  Rotarians will be asked to have orders in to Samantha Comer by February 13th.  It is expected that each member will sell or buy at least 5 dozen - more is better.  Roses will sell for $23 per dozen this year - up from $21 last year.   The more we sell, the more our club can support community projects.  Remember, volunteers will be needed that day to sort and deliver roses, so mark your calendar now to be there on March 13th.  Let's all work together to make this fundraising effort a success!
At our last meeting in 2018, two new members - Jeff Bauer and Leanne Johnson - were inducted by President Reece Brown.   Leanne is Vice President/Bank Manager of Business Development for WesBanco Bank, Inc.  She is also a Board member at the American Red Cross and the 14th Street Community Center.  Dr. Jeff Bauer is the Interim President at Shawnee State University after serving as Provost and also a Professor of Geology at the University.  Please welcome both as our newest members.  Leanne was nominated by Linda Woods-Jones and Jeff jointly by Ralph Wisniewski and Dick Schisler.  
At our Rotary Christmas party last year, two new Rotarians - Roberta Duncan and Dan Ruggerio - were inducted as Paul Harris Fellows by Fred Gohmann, Rotary of Portsmouth Foundation Chair.  Members of Rotary of Portsmouth are encouraged to make the $1,000 commitment to not just participate locally but also internationally in the good things that Rotary International does.  As the 100th anniversary of the Portsmouth Rotary club nears, members are reminded that they can become a Paul Harris Fellow via a one time donation or by donating a little each quarter to become a Paul Harris Fellow by our anniversary year in 2020.   Please congratulate Roberta and Dan for their contribution and commitment to Rotary locally and internationally.
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