State of the Club

Dear Rotarians,
This year is flying by and soon enough it will be over.  At the start, I was excited for the challenges to come and with your constant encouragement and support, we have proved that we can work through them together. 
For the first time, we have begun an ongoing program to support the Rotary International Foundation through our Happy Dollars.   This means that we are directly eliminating Polio from the world and making sure that every person is free from the threat of this disease.
Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity of observing a shift in our club.  Rotarians are fellowshipping more with another both in and outside of the club.  I’ve seen Rotarians hosting events and had the opportunity to see other Rotarians there.  One such example was during the Rotary-hosted “Business After Hours” with Trinity Business Group. During club meetings, individuals that would normally stay in one seat will frequently switch seats and socialize more.  It is wonderful to see these relationships develop.  Strong relationships mean we will be a strong club.
All of the credit for the successes of this year, belong to the Rotary Board members, our hardworking President-Elect, the phenomenal club chairs, and the amazing Rotarians that carry this club and this community on their shoulders.
We’ve still got 4 months to go before we have our President-Elect Reece Brown take the lead as President and Jonathan James steps in the role of President-elect.  In those short months, there is still much to do.  A financial review needs to take place to make sure our documents are all in order for his year, Rose Sales, and an exciting Dancing with our Stars event for our members is all on the horizon.   The next four months will be busy as ever and I know that with your continued hard work and support, we can get these tasks done and be ready for a brand new Rotary year. 
Best Regards, 
Lydia Smith