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Jul 17, 2017
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Rotary took some time to celebrate the hard work of past presidents and sign committee members.  A huge thank you to our sign sponsors Southern Ohio Medical Center, Shawnee State University, and Kings Daughter's Medical Center.  And, a big shout-out to the many organizations who participated!
Dear Portsmouth Rotary Club,
This year is coming to a quick close.  All I can say is wow, this has been one whirlwind year.  We've changed so much and also remained close together through the process.
Thank you for your amazing efforts this year!  With your help, we have supplied six local students with scholarships, assisted to build a well in Ethiopia, had two great bike tours (huge shout-out to the bike committee), had a Rotary After Hours event with Trinity Business Group and the Chamber of Commerce, had an amazing Fish Fry (we sold out of all our fish!) and so much more. 
As anyone who has had the opportunity to serve as a Rotary President will tell you, the good things that happen have everything to do with the outstanding Rotarians that make it happen. (Hint: That is you!)  So, I have a lot of people to thank.  I am going to use pretty much the rest of this final letter to do just that. First,  this year would not have been possible without the hard work of each and every Rotarian. You guys have shown up to work and you've done a great job! There are multiple communities who are better off because you served them this year.
Also, I especially want to thank Tess Midkiff, our sergeant in arms.  She manages huge projects every year, sets up every meeting, organizes meetings, and always sees to it that the newbies (that'd be me) know what is going on.  She is a pillar in our community and in Rotary. Next time you see her, tell her hi and thank you! (She deserves it!)
Also, I want to throw a special shout-out to Reece Brown and Jonathan James.  Reece Brown is our very own President-Elect.  (He will be President in about two weeks and we are so blessed to have him).  Reece has been the chair of the Fish Fry, the bike tours (with the amazing bike tour committee!), and the TOSRV Rotary Beer and Brats event.  He has proven that he works hard and is someone that can lead the Portsmouth Rotary club to our best year yet.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he will do with his year.  I know it will be amazing. 
Jonathan James is our President-Elect Nominee.  He is the next in line after Reece.  From the start, Jonathan has been our speaker chair, a passionate Rotarian, and an advocate for Rotary in our community.  He is a board member with strong leadership skills and shows his promise every day. 
I'm so grateful to everyone this year, but I can say that without a doubt, we would not have a club if it weren't for the board and committee chairs that do so much work every year.  We have a lot of growth to pursue as a club and we must be prepared to pursue the best year so far (hint, it's this coming year!)
Rotarians, please be prepared for the best year yet and thank you for the year you have allowed me to serve with you.  I am blessed to be a part of your club and community and very happy that I get to continue being here with you in the years to come.
Best Regards,
Lydia Sims, Rotary President 2016-2017
From: Jonathan James
To:  The Portsmouth Rotary Club
June 12, 2017
Good Afternoon!
Hope everyone back home at Portsmouth Rotary is doing well! Yesterday, the 108th Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, GA began with the Opening Session which included the presentation and ringing of the beautifully hand-created Rotary Foundation Centennial Bell to begin the convention. The opening session also included a flag ceremony from the Rotary World that included flags from over 130 countries united under the flag that brings us all together, the Flag of Rotary International. As the host country, our national anthem played, which was an incredible feeling to stand with my hand over my heart among half of the 40,000 attendees. A donation of $1M was made to End Polio from the Keynote Speaker, which brought RI President, John Germ to the stage for his welcome remarks and a recap of his year of serving as the RI President.

This morning, Reece and I attended the second general session and heard from many Global Polio Eradication Initiative Ambassadors including: Professional Wrestling Superstar, John Cena, who served as the master of ceremony for the morning, an Ironman Athlete who contracted polio when she was a child in India, but was adopted by an American Family at the age of three, and grew to complete the Ironman Triathlon with only the use of her arms. RI President John Germ came to the stage and said that Rotarians have raised millions of dollars to vaccinate over 2.5 billion children worldwide since starting our End Polio Now efforts. Polio has gone from 350,000 cases per year when Rotary began this effort to only 5 in 2017. The quest to get this number to zero is important, and once we hit zero, Rotary and the global eradication efforts must sustain its work for three years to reach a World that is declared Polio free. RI has pledged 50 M per year for three years, and Bill Gates confirmed that the Rotary Dollars will be matched 2-1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a total of $450M to get the job done. Remarks from Bill Gates were very inspirational. Speakers from Canada, the European Commission, World Health Organization, and many others making contributions pledged 1.2 Billion dollars for 2017 which brought thunderous applause from the audience. 
The opening session also highlighted the efforts to end human sex trafficking, and brought to the stage a panel that included Actor, Ashton Kutcher and others to talk about the efforts of their respective organizations to end this modern day form of slavery.  It was mentioned the 46 million people are being enslaved, which is more people than any other time in history. A Rotarian and survivor of sex trafficking in America shared her amazing story of overcoming the largest social justice issue of our time, an dhow this happens without us even knowing. Wow!
This afternoon and throughout the week we will attend different educational breakout sessions, tour the house of friendship, and tonight we will attend a social for fellowship with Rotarians from District 6690 at the Hard Rock Cafe! We will also attend a Virtual Reality presentation and Rotary Foundation Birthday Celebration later in the week.
Reece and I will bring more back to the club in the coming weeks.  Thank you!
Jonathan James, President-Elect Nominee
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